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The secret to happiness is finding something you love and doing it well and then being recognized for it. Someone, even if it’s one person who says “you’re doing a great job”, or if it’s applause, put those three things together, and you’re happy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygrswiQfejE&t=3m35s I said to my wife at that time: “Even if… Read more »

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langweilige dauerberieselungsmusik mit industriegestyltem mutantenfleisch. abartig.

links for 2007-11-08 through 2007-11-14

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Tutorial for Flash MP3 Player MySpace.com – Aphroe – Bo Bo Bochum, DE – Hip Hop / Funk / Roots – www.myspace.com/mcaphroeNeuer Track: Kleiner Mann. Kann das Album kaum erwarten. Netz, Blogs und Rock ‘n’ Roll – futurezone.ORF.at Canadian Police Tolerates Piracy For Personal Use | TorrentFreakAccording to the Canadian police it is impossible to… Read more »